It’s been two years since we went to the Methow Valley

Two years of wildfires kept us from going over the mountains to the Methow (Met-how) Valley. We kept thinking about this weekend—but—the inn where we always stayed only rents now to groups. And the restaurant in Twisp with the pizza oven and the music on Friday nights closed on Tuesday, September 27.

But there is the painting of Big Valley trail that I started last month . . . how nice to take ourselves over the mountains and be there.

But we brought back the mental pictures and the photographs and now the Big Valley trail is here.

Here’s how it started a couple of years ago, with a rough sketch.



Now I get down to work on the detailed drawing, plus some spots of dark gold where the ground or the mountains beyond the line of trees show through.

img_0345Progress! Building a gate with watercolor is a standing-on-head sort of process. The small black snake we saw on one walk—stretched out taking the sun, until it felt our approaching footsteps—would find the ground rather bumpy. A wash of water on the reverse side is needed to counteract the wash of the greyish-peach of the ground on this side.

There is a lot of grass to paint before Invitation: Big Valley Trail is done. And beyond that is this sketch of looking through the aspens on the next stretch, into the big field.

img_0343 I’m looking forward to this one too!

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