Something I have wanted to do

For a long time I have wanted to work from a series of old photographs of my grandmother, from one year up, and I realized I could join in with photographs of myself, linked as we are by music. These were done in colored pencil, a medium I have not really worked in; it seemed to offer a depth of color for the flesh tones that would work more gracefully than watercolor.

Grandma and Me


age fifteen, began professional career, playing the organ and directing the choir of an Episcopal church . . . taught piano . . . played the organ for a different church . . . played the organ for a funeral establishment . . .until her death at age ninety


age three, dragged Grandma to the piano, insisting, You have to teach me how to do that (play) . . . age sixteen, another teacher: We have to consider your career . . . I ran away

I would not be a Musician


something caught up with me and made a musician out of me . . . accompanied ballet classes . . . played the organ for five successive churches . . . taught piano




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