The Open Studio


We had a wonderful time, lots of friends, and plenty of time to visit  . . .


Some of the new collages to the right of center. I was able to have a great conversation about them with a knowledgeable and interesting couple.


Looking toward the Suite of Summer Grasses over the table with the cards and prints. Rivers of cards flowed out the door. We had to take orders for more.


The Suite of Summer Grasses!


Kaylyn’s beautiful calendar images, using a single tree through the seasons.

(Above is the diptych, Sun Colors, Lost River.)


                                      Lena’s wonderful images of food for her calendar.


The boxes I made to hold the calendar pages.

Below is the selection of smaller images from the new series celebrating the Mercer Slough in Bellevue. 2016 is the centennial of the lowering of Lake Washington, which created the Slough.



Ohanapecosh Green


Ohanapecosh is a deep green valley on the southeast side of Mount Rainier. This was the kind of setting for a memorable camping trip quite a few years ago. We set up the tent by the river, the river ran by, the rain poured down. Ken fed the fire, I sat in the door of the tent and sketched. Three days of doing absolutely nothing. It was wonderful.

We were privileged to visit the painting in its new home last weekend, and to see the many others which have been collected by our wonderful friends. It was a treat to see all the paintings that I had done over the years, and enjoy their perfect placement.


Vermilion and Turquoise II and III


Crossing busy NE 10th on the pedestrian bridge near the Bellevue Library, we found ourselves almost in the upper branches of a mountain ash tree. It was a brilliant October day. The sky was like hardened turquoise; the berries were glowing vermilion. The sun was so strong that some of the leaves were translucent pink.

This required a truck to get to its new home!

Thanks to everyone who came to the Open Studio! We loved seeing all of you!

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